Harry Potter Bott's Bean Tasting

Recently, My brother Matt had a run-in with the foul tasting Bott's Beans at the
movie theater.  I saw a couple packages at the store and decided to see exactly how
bad they tasted.  I mean, they could taste that bad could they?

Here are the flavors in a package.

Being an engineer, I felt the need to sort the Beans be apparent flavor to
properly prepare to test.  There were lots of the nasty beans and fewer of the
good tasting ones.  For all intents and purposes, the beans look like regular
Jelly Belly candies.  Alas, they are not.

We opened the two bags and sorted them both out.

Here Michele attempts to convince me to try the vomit flavor.
I did try it, and it tastes just like vomit.  It was horrid.
I spit it out into a cup on the table.
I'm not kidding, it really does taste like puke.

Here is James after trying the booger flavor.

Mira took this picture after I tried eating the black pepper flavor.
Terrible, it's like eating a teaspoon of black pepper.
Next I tried dirt flavor and I'm sure there's real dirt and sand in it.

Here's Michele before trying the sardine flavor.
She hated it.

Here Zoe tries the grass flavor.
She hated it.

 What can I say? The Bott's Bean taste exactly how they are labeled.
All of the terrible flavors are replicated within the small candies.
I'm telling you not to try these, they are disgusting.

I fear you won't believe me and try them yourself.
In that case, in advance I'd like to say, "I told you so!"


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