Geocache 16

Arcadia - Eisenhower Park Cache
N 34 08.770 W 118 01.590

I talked to Martin and we agreed we needed to get our kids out of the house.
What better to keep them busy than a geocache?
I chose a simple one and we headed out.

We rendezvoused at the Diggs house and then caravanned to the park.
On the way there, one of my searchers decided to rest up a little before the hunt.

Emily and Zoe were the main searchers.
They desperately wanted to hop over that fence and scurry into the
bushes.  They were sure that the cache was on the other side.

Mira did her part to make sure that no one snuck in and placed the
cache under the strollers.

After a bit of scanning, I spotted the cache.  Woot.

Since the cache was a bit high, Martin plucked it down while I got
the action photo of our success.

Zoe and Emily attempt to open the container while Mira sits behind them.

Martin helps divvy up the loot to the kids.
Isaac is front and center to make sure everything goes smoothly.

We ended up taking a whistle, a three color marker, a bubble blower,
and a Pez dispenser.

We left a Charizard, a package of kleenex, a mini first aid kit,
and a pair of AAA batteries.

I replaced the cache and re-camouflaged it.

Since we were at the park we let the kids play.
I am the turbo geek, so I had brought my laptop with Sprint's wireless
internet access.  We could surf the net from the park table.
Martin was able to check his fantasy football stats with one eye while
keeping his other eye on the kids.

I took the chance to log the visit to the cache while we were still in the park.

Yes, I know I'm a geek.
But who's the bigger geek?  The guy with the internet at the park or
the person who reads an entire story about him?

After playing for a while, we took the kids to the
Coldstone Creamery that was nearby in Sierra Madre.
Damn good ice cream there...


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