Geocache 17

Hairpin Junction Cache
N 34 11.332 W 118 05.879

Martin and I decided to go on a geocache when our wives took the
kids to see a movie.  We chose a hike that the kids probably wouldn't be
able to make.

We decided to meet at Eaton Canyon.
I stopped at 7-11 to pick up some water for the hike.

When we got to the gate of the park we noticed the effect of the recent local fires.
The Mt. Wilson Toll Road is closed due to the fire danger.
I hope we don't have to use the Toll Road.

The path is wide open and the GPS says we are within 3/4 mile of
the cache.  I think we'll have to walk a little more than that to find the cache.

Hrrm,  The GPS says this is the right way, but the sign says stop.
Our conversation goes something like this:

Michael: Dude, look at the sign.
Martin: Dude!
Michael: Are you an 'Entry'?
Martin: Nope. Are you an 'Entry'?
Michael: Not me. They must be talking about someone else.
Martin: Mos def.

And so we walked right up the trail.

They weren't kidding that there have been fires through here.

We paused to rest and drink water about half way up.
Here is looking back on the San Gabriel Valley.

After way to many switchbacks, we made it to the clearing where the
cache is supposed to be.

We found the saw cut log as mentioned in the cache hint.
We could see where the bees had bee living at one time.

The GPS said we were very close.

This is the area we search extensively for about a half hour to no avail.

This is where we think the cache was hidden.
It fits all the criteria from the hint and the previous logs of finds.
Our conclusion is that the cache is gone and needs to be replaced.

Here is frustrated, sweaty Martin.

Here is frustrated, sweaty Michael.

This is looking back down from the cache site.
The red arrow points to the place where the 'No Entry' sign is located.
Yes, it was quite a haul for a couple of weekend warriors.

Cache In, Trash Out.

After leaving the park, we headed back to watch the end of the Angels game
and drink some beer.  We plan for more success on our next geocache.


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