Geocache 18

Sin City Micro
N 36 06.139 W 115 10.571

I was in Las Vegas for Comdex and had a little time to do a geocache.
I had printed out a cache in advance.  It was located at the New York, New York
hotel I was staying at.  Note the roller coaster outside my 26th floor window.

I wasn't sure where to start, so I went outside to get an initial bearing.
This is looking down the Strip.
The cache was 0.17 away, back toward the hotel.
At this point I went inside to eat breakfast with Martell and Chris.

After breakfast, Chris decided to come along on the cache hunt.
After reading the info, I knew that the cache was up high, and I could figure out
where I was going to get up high and get a clear GPS signal.
We walked outside, looked left, and we had out answer.
The parking garage must be the location.

On the way over to the parking garage, I stumbled across this drawing.
Someone drew a picture of Gollum of Tolkein fame, wearing the One Ring
and saying 'My Precious'.  Of course, I took this.

We got to the roof and tried to get a lock.
Chris watches the Garmin.

Of course, a watched GPSr never locks, so I had to move around.
After acquiring lock, we found we were 75 feet away.

After a brief search, we found the cache.
It was magnetized to the back of the stairwell.

Here I am filling out the log.

I took the Where's George dollar and I left a $5 chip.

After the cache I was wandering around, killing time.
I punched in the waypoint of home and found I was only 217 miles away
 to the southwest from home.


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