Geocache 19

Where the 'Wild Things Are'
N 34 07.757 W 118 09.907

I was on the computer early this morning and realized there was
a brand spanking new cache in South Pasadena. I gathered a few
 select wild animals and got approval from my girls to use
them as trade items.  The kids dressed and we headed out.

The crew ready for the hunt!

Due to my knowledge of South Pas, I was able to find this shortcut
 into the Arroyo Seco.  Otherwise it would have been quite a hike for
the girls.  We were about 0.2 mile away from the cache.

Here the Arroyo Seco channel, looking north.

On the trail we saw lots of horse tracks.
The girls stopped and poked around at rocks and twigs along the way.

A bit into the brush, we saw the camouflaged cache.

Here's the lid of the cache.
Nice documentation!

Here's the cache after opening.  Attached to the lid is a digital recorder.
The cache placer asked for visitors to record the sound of the 'wild animals'
that they left in the cache.

We took the Octopus travel bug, manta ray, and purple frog.
We left the shark, seal, and leopard. We recorded the sound of the leopard.

Zoe & Mira at the cache site.

We were the First Finders of the cache.
I happily noted this fact in the log.

We recovered the cache as best as we could.
Great cache!

As usual, cache in, trash out.

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