Geocache 20

Gamble House Micro
N 34 09.113 W 118 09.673

This cache is near Mira's Nursery School and has been on my
to-do list for a while now.  I had the day off from work and decided
to go on the hunt after we picked up Mira.

Zoe & Mira in front of the Gamble House.

The Gamble House has quite a history and is a local landmark.
I've driven by it many times, but never stopped.

The architecture used on the building is one of the rare Californian styles that
was not borrowed from the East Coast.  The Craftsman style is a local,
Los Angeles invention.  The pictures don't do this house justice.

The cache was behind the house, near the flower gardens.
The kids ran across the lawn to the back area.

The girls were quite impressed with the plethora of acorns on the ground.

After about 15 minutes of searching, I finally saw the cache.
It's well-hidden and in a good location that only a geocacher would find.

The LarsThorwald trademark micro-cache was intact and dry even after
the recent rains.  The log was quite full, but plenty of room for more finders.

We left the Macau & Hong Kong coins,
we took the red heart and the Costa Rican coin.

The girls spent even more time gathering acorns.

We spent a little time in the rose garden before heading home.
We agreed, that the reddest roses have the least smell.
We prefer the pink ones.

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