Comdex 2002

I went to Comdex this year.
Here are the photos I took.
There's not rhyme or reason to the photos.
I just took pictures of the interesting things.

Chris, an avid smoker, was ecstatic to be in
smoker friendly Las Vegas.  He must have gone through
three packs in two days.

Martell, an avid gambler, started out strong.
He blew out a nickel slot machine early in the trip
while he was 'goofing around'.
Whatever game he played, he won.

Martell, MSN Butterfly #1, Me, MSN Butterfly #2

We bumped into the MSN Butterflies just before the
Keynote address by Bill Gates.

After the keynote, Microsoft took us out to dinner.
Here is Chris's three pound lobster.
They completely removed the shell for him.
Sheer luxury.

Myself, an avid geek, had to try wardriving from the hotel.
I brought my cantenna with me to Vegas.
From the 26th floor I could hit two access points.
I wasn't able to attach.  I think my improvised pointing system had something
to do with it.  I was presently surprised to find broadband in the room.
For $9.95 I got unlimited bandwidth for 24 hours.
In hindsight I should have tried a P2P app to see if it's blocked
by the hotel system, but I didn't.  Next time.

The next morning we again returned to eating, our favorite Vegas pastime after drinking.

Finally to the show on Monday.
Here's a cool case that had a flower pattern.
Martell sweet talked the people there into giving us all free t-shirts.

Check out this liquid cooled system with neon at the Thermaltake booth.

Mercedes Benz had a booth at Comdex.
Here I am pretending to drive the new MB G500 Super-SUV.

Here I am playing with some kind of talking bird that plugs into
the computer and reads your email to you.
Why would anyone buy this?  I don't know.

Here at the wonderfully named company Interjungbo.
Besides using a clip from the Book of Pooh show we air on the Disney Channel,
these guys had developed a device that automatically blocked nudity
from the television picture.  If a breast appeared on screen, a white bar appeared over it.
The horror...  They must be stopped.

Chris takes a break to get a head tingler treatment.

I had a few minutes for a geocache hunt.
During the hunt I found this hand drawn picture of Gollum.
The geeks were definitely in Vegas.

As we were getting ready to leave, Martell sat down at the video blackjack machine.
He put in $4 to start and built it up to over $100.
The man knows what he is doing when it comes to gambling.

Sensing my lack of knowledge I pondered getting this book.

On second thought, this book sounds better.

If you were looking for in-depth equipment reviews, you'll have to go somewhere
else.  I didn't take many pictures of the boring stuff.


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