E3 2004
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For the last five or six years, I've been going to the E3 show.
The E3 show is all about video games.

I took the train to Downtown LA to avoid the traffic and parking hassles.
This plan saved me a bunch of money,

Here's the entrance to the show.
I can't read the big sign, but I'm sure it's witty.

This is Guild Wars, the new NCSoft game.
It's a MMORPG that does not charge a monthly fee.  Sweet.

Another NCSoft game is Lineage II.
I tested this out and a unicorn killed me.
What's the deal with aggressive unicorns?
Aren't they supposed to be nice and kind animals?

A booth babe at the Auto Assault demo.
The game is basically Car Wars on steroids.
The gameplay was good, but I don't know how long it would last.

Amazingly, the Everquest booth was not a large black box that no one was allowed to enter.
This year, the Everquest booth was a large grey brick box that no one was allowed to enter.

Sid Meier is working on a Pirates game.
The graphics are excellent and the gameplay involves
both land and sea adventures.

Warhammer 40k looks to be a hit.
The game is a good replication of the table game.
You can even play the big monsters like this armadillo-type thing.
The animation even allow you to drink the blood of the vanquished opponents.
Any game with blood drinking has got to be a hit.

Call of Duty: United Offensive is coming and it's going to kick ass.

With new multiplayer modes, air battles, and drivable vehicles,
the CoD expansion looks to be significantly better than the original.

On the kids front, my daughter will be happy to play Tak 2.
She loved Tak and the Magic of Juju.

It was good to see my company getting into the
video game business in earnest.

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