E3 2004
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I'm mainly a PC gamer, with no great love for console games,
but I do wander around to all the booths.

The best game name at the show:
Rave Master Special Attack Now!

So if you can't find friend to play poker with,
and you can't find anyone to play poker against on the internet,
you can play poker on the console.  WTF?  Who is going to buy this?

This is the fabled Infinium Labs Phantom console.
There are a ton of rumors floating around the net regarding this thing,
and I don't know what to believe.
What I do know is that they spent a TON of money on the prototype consoles,
and on the booth itself.  The money's real, that's for sure.

Rather than eat the crappy convention center food, we walked to the Pantry to eat.
Travis, Yoshi, Andy, Christian, and I ate a hearty meal at one of LA's oldest establishments.

This is the elusive PSP, a portable Playstation 2.
Yes, it does about to be all that and a bag of chips...

I like that it can play various forms of media.

The UMD is Universal Metal Disc, the native media of the PSP.
The Japanese need to work on their creative naming of products...

Nintendo came out with bongo drums to control your Gamecube.
Seems like a lot of work to me.

More booth babes.
I have no idea what they were selling.

Abit's new motherboard has a kick ass heatsink.

Katamaridamacy is the coolest game at E3.

Microsoft was showing the new Zoo Tycoon.
I release a bunch of tigers and rhinos.
The AI isn't in place yet, so they didn't eat the people.
I was disappointed.

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