MayDay Photos
A day in the life - May 10, 2003

A few weeks ago I read about a project to document a day in life with pictures,
once an hour.  The site is called The Mayday Project.


9 AM - Zoe and I laying on the floor in the living room.


9 AM - Me shaving in the shower.


11 AM - Playing with Mira on the back porch on her new swing.


12 PM - Driving to the mall for a bit of shopping.


1 PM - Zoe at Sanrio Surprises.  Note that Hello Kitty is ready for summer.

2 PM - We bought a pair of hermit crabs at the mall.
This is them in the Study facing the back porch.


3 PM - Michele and Zoe sorting through clothes for donation.


4 PM - The girls and I made swirled cupcakes for dessert.
They look better with frosting.


5 PM - I forgot to take a photo.
The Diggs were over for dinner so Martin took a shot since he was doing the Mayday
project as well. I'm getting the ingredients ready for chicken enchiladas.


6 PM - I made chicken enchiladas for dinner.
They are going in for the cheese to melt in the oven.


7 PM - Doing the dishes after dinner.


8 PM - Zoe and Emily play on the Gamecube.
They got to stay up late.

9 PM - Drawing a late bath for the girls.

10 PM - A revised version of "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" was on
TV.  I had to watch the beginning.  Tivo has the rest.


11 PM - Playing the Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Demo


12 PM - Shutting down the computer and going to bed.


I hope you enjoyed pictures of my day.  It will will be fun to do it again next year.

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