What's Cruftbox? Where's pusateri.org?

Don't Panic.

Q:  What's all this cruftbox.com business?  I used to go to pusateri.org!  WTF?

A:  Both sites are my sites.  It's the same guy, Michael, behind the madness, just with a new address.  I decided a while ago to move my weblog off of my pusateri.org web site for several reasons.

First and foremost, I wanted a cool domain name.  Cruft.com is taken

Second, I wanted a more versatile hosting company. Hopefully my experience with Page-Zone will remain good.  I like having shell access and unlimited domains to play with.

Third, I wanted to try a new weblog system.  After pondering for long while, I chose Movable Type. So far it seems fantastic.

Lastly, as my wonderful wife says to me regularly, "Change is good."


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