I have been told that many people do not understand the lingo I use in my weblog.
This is because you people do not spend enough time on the internet.

Term Definition Example
elite, leet,
l33t, r33t
cool, usually in reference to technology That new keyboard is l33t.
woot Hurray! I got a new book in the mail. Woot!
joo you Joo are jealous.
own, pwn to be victorious I pwned those guys in BF1942.
-xor, -zor,
-xorred, -zorred
added to words to accentuate the meaning. That link is fuxxored.
My wife got all sexxored up.
rocks, sucks Something either is good (rocks) or bad (sucks).  Typically, the -xor is added for emphasis. That movie roxxored.  Being sick suxxored.
linkage Hypertext links to other place on the internet Check out this linkage to new blogs I found.


Acronym Meaning
UO Ultima Online (game)
EQ Everquest (game)
Q3A Quake 3 Arena (game)
BF1942 Battlefield 1942  (game)
MLP Mindless Link Propagation


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