Dr. Pepper and the Imposters
Dr. Pepper is the finest soft drink available.  At various times, Coke, 7-Up, and cream soda have their appeal, but Dr. Pepper is the center of my soda pop universe.  As the old advertisements said, Drink at 10, 2, and 4.  Three Peppers a day keeps you alert and happy.

This is my collection of Dr. Pepper imposters.  The Dr. Pepper taste is so unique that soda companies attempt to duplicate it's flavor with their own concoctions.  True Pepper drinkers are not tempted by these poor seconds. 

In my travels I have found many imposters.  Here you can see the pretenders to the throne.

Here is the original.  The pure source.
This is an old bottle with the 10-2-4 logo.
Yes, you are jealous.
Mr. Pibb is the closest thing to the real thing.
Mr. Pibb is a Coke product that is found in towns where Coke does not distribute Dr. Pepper.
Dr. Becker is an all-natural version of Dr. Pepper.
Dr. Cheaper was found in a small store in Napa Valley, California.
Dr. K is found in Krogers supermarkets.
Dr. Joes is found in Trader Joe's, a gourmet grocery store.
Dr. Perky is found in Food Lion supermarkets.
This unique bottle was made for me by Michael Pajaro as a birthday present.
Again, you are jealous.
Dr. Select was found for a short while in Pavilions supermarkets.
It has been replaced by Dr. Skipper.
Dr. Shasta is found in Ralph's supermarkets.
Dr. Skipper is found in Pavilions supermarkets.
Dr. Slice is a Pepsi product.  It is found in towns where Pepsi does not distribute Dr. Pepper.
Dr. Starr is found in Lucky's supermarkets.
Dr. Thunder is found in Wal-Mart stores.
Dr. Whatever was given to me by a friend.  
I have no idea where it came from.

I've stopped collecting Dr Pepper Imposters
and have sent my collection to another collector.

Good luck to others in their quest.

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